A Proposal for Undivided Human Society and Universal Order

Discovery: via rigorous inquest of the fundamental, existential nature of the Universe, Human Being & Human purpose presented as an 'Alternative' to Materialism and Idealism (Spiritualism) - by A.Nagraj of Amarkantak, India. Ground breaking work in Human Cognition, Consciousness, Matter, Time, Space, Evolution and their Inter-relationships. This is a Universal, Study-able, Live-able proposal for Humankind based on Reality. Existence is "Coexistence".
Implications: Identifies & defines 'Human Conduct' - Universal laws of living as Intellectual Law, Social Law & Natural Laws. Synthesis of Spiritual, Intellectual, Behavioral and Professional aspects of Man leading to Universal Education & Values, and World Constitution & Organization. Freedom from Illusion and Crimes. Man can live in harmony within, in Family, in Society and with Nature. This itself is Happiness, Peace, Satisfaction & Bliss.

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